Here's how I can help

In February of 2019 I had to make the difficult decision to close my general psychotherapy private practice due to ongoing health conditions. Since then I have been able to slowly re-open a very small practice working with the disabled LGBTQIA2S+ population. I've also put some work into other projects that may be of interest to clients and therapists alike. I also have available several eBooks for your private practice and clients. See below for more information!

Logo for Queer Crip Therapy: a tree with purple and green roots that spiral upward into a tree with integrated purple and green leaves

Queer Crip Therapy is my very limited private practice working with disabled LGBTQ+ adult individuals.

Logo for Our Open Agreement: the sign for polyamory which is a red heart with a blue infinity sign atop it.

Our Open Agreement is a set of tools available for purchase and instant download to help people engaging in Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) decide on intentions, boundaries, and guidelines for communicating about their relationships.

Logo for Paperwork Therapy: A blue lotus with the words Paperwork Therapy along the bottom

Paperwork Therapy is a large collection of mental health paperwork templates that you can download instantly and customize easily to include your own information, logo, and content.

Discover my range of eBooks designed to support and enrich your professional and personal growth. Available now are "Creating Your Own Private Practice," a comprehensive guide to launching and managing your therapy business; the "Companion Workbook," filled with practical exercises and tools to enhance your practice; and the "Self-Compassion Workbook," dedicated to fostering kindness and understanding towards oneself in challenging times. Dive into these resources to unlock new levels of insight and empowerment.