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In February of 2019 I had to make the difficult decision to close my general psychotherapy private practice due to ongoing health conditions. Since then I have been able to slowly re-open a very small practice working with the disabled LGBTQ+ population. I've also put some work into other projects that may be of interest to clients and therapists alike. See below for more information!

Logo for Queer Crip Therapy: a tree with purple and green roots that spiral upward into a tree with integrated purple and green leaves

Queer Crip Therapy is my very limited private practice working with disabled LGBTQ+ adult individuals.

Logo for Our Open Agreement: the sign for polyamory which is a red heart with a blue infinity sign atop it.

Our Open Agreement is a set of tools available for purchase and instant download to help people engaging in Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) decide on intentions, boundaries, and guidelines for communicating about their relationships.

Logo for Paperwork Therapy: A blue lotus with the words Paperwork Therapy along the bottom

Paperwork Therapy is a large collection of mental health paperwork templates that you can download instantly and customize easily to include your own information, logo, and content.

You can also now read my articles on Medium.com!

Photo of guide: Starting Your Own Private Practice, with the words "38 Pages of information & guidance from a licensed therapist in private practice" as well as "Downloadable PDF"

Starting Your Own Private Practice: A Complete Guide

Interested in starting your own psychotherapy private practice? I've put together a simple but thorough guide to get you started! I provide real advice and concrete suggestions. You can buy it at my Etsy shop: 

Graphic of screenshot for Table of Contents for Starting Your Own Private Practice. There is text atop the image that reads "all hyperlinked to pages in the document"

Table of Contents

Graphic with screenshots from initial pages of Starting Your Own Private Practice. At the top of the graphic reads "Vibrant & Engaging"

Vibrant & Engaging

More screenshots of Starting Your Own Private Practice with the text atop it which reads, "all links open up in your browser". At the top of the graphic reads, "Real Advice & Concrete Suggestions"

Real advice & concrete suggestions

Graphic of screenshot Starting Your Own Private Practice's About the Author page, the text of which is listed below.

About the Author

Companion Workbook

Now you can take Starting Your Own Private Practice even further with this fillable PDF companion to the original guide.

Buy them both in my Etsy shop PaperworkTherapy.Etsy.com

About the Author

Cat Maness is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the state of California. She has been practicing psychotherapy since 2011, with a number of those years running her own private practice. In addition to being a psychotherapist, Cat has also worked as a Quality Assurance Coordinator for a small mental health community agency, a Clinical Consultant, and Substitute Supervisor for psychotherapists in training.


In her spare time, Cat enjoys cuddling her fur babies, making inappropriate cross stitches, disability-friendly camping, and volunteering with local organizations.

Photo of Cat Maness, LMFT