Supervised by M. Louise Monsour, MFC 34870
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Cat Maness, MA, IMF 71619
Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern
I am now accepting new clients!
If you'd like to set up an appointment or have questions about my services, please contact me. I hope to connect with you soon.

Working under the guidance of my supervisor, I provide psychotherapy to adult individuals and couples seeking to break down both internal and external barriers, heal wounds andtrauma, as well as those interested in establishing a healthier way of relating to others. As my work with couples is slightly different than my work with individual clients, please visit those pages for further information about what I hope to provide you in our work together. 

As a sex positive psychotherapist, I welcome the rich diversity of the many communities and lifestyles found in the Bay Area. If you identify as LGBTQ, kinky or participate in the BDSM scene, as well as those in or considering a poly/open or alternative relationship, I hope that you will find the safety, respect, and understanding I strive to provide as an asset in our work together. Please know that I also include those who identify as heterosexual and/or monogamous as part of the spectrum of sexual diversity and are also quite welcome.

Now offering coaching to interns starting a private practice internship!

Oh, that bastion of glory - the private practice internship! So alluring, so adventurous, so... bewildering? Learn more about how I can help you get on your feet and grow!

New Service and a special offer!

I am excited to announce a new and revised Our Open Agreement, an online tool assisting those who are in, or are considering, opening up their relationship(s). Check out for more details.

All current clients may access this tool for
free. Please request access the next time that we meet in person.